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Our changelogs provide details about additions, updates and fixes in each version of our software.

v5.84 - 2024.06.20

Godaddy Domain Suggestion Tool is added.

v5.83 - 2024.06.02

A design bug is fixed and the coding is improved to protect from spammers. A module is added for Swiss .ch and .li whois servers.

v5.82 - 2024.04.16

Domain validation function added to hosting only option.

v5.81 - 2024.03.22

The coding and design is improved.

v5.80 - 2023.08.31

A bug is fixed. Recurring billing support is added to Mollie payment gateway.

v5.79 - 2023.08.20

The design is improved.

v5.78 - 2023.06.24

Multi-select addon request box is added to the checkout form.

v5.77 - 2023.04.29

Razorpay Indian payment gateway is added.

v5.76 - 2023.04.08

Domain Name Generator is integrated to the cart.

v5.75 - 2023.04.04

Domain Name Generator is added.

v5.74 - 2023.03.29

The coding is improved.

v5.73 - 2023.02.11

Fixed a bug in muti-tld search.

v5.72 - 2023.01.23

The coding is updated for PHP 8.x

v5.71 - 2022.08.20

The one functional bug is fixed.

v5.70 - 2022.06.27

The coding and design is improved. External domain transfer page with auth code input is added.

v5.69 - 2022.06.24

The coding and design is improved. External domain register page is added.

v5.68 - 2022.06.03

The custom whois module for domains are added.

v5.67 - 2022.05.26

Mollie payment gateway is added.

v5.66 - 2022.05.09

The coding is improved.

v5.65 - 2022.05.03

The coding is improved and many bugs are fixed.

v5.64 - 2022.04.14

all-in-one contact button jQuery plugin with callback request and mailchimp subscribe feature is added to the template.

v5.63 - 2022.03.06

The coding is improved.

v5.62 - 2021.10.23

Added function to add auto country-state selector boxes. You can specify default country and state, block orders from specific countries or allowing orders only from defined countries.

v5.61 - 2021.06.23

Bugs fixed on .GR .BA and .ZA whois modules.

v5.60 - 2021.06.11

A module is added for all .GR(Greece) domains. Dollar amount discount feature for domain is added.

v5.59 - 2021.05.01

The coding is improved.

v5.58 - 2021.04.27

All coding is changed.

v5.57 - 2021.04.27

A bug on Google's reCAPTCHA function is fixed.

v5.56 - 2021.02.07

Domain search functionality is improved.

v5.55 - 2020.12.16

The coding is improved.

v5.54 - 2020.10.19

The template is improved. Responsive Plan Corparision Table is added.

v5.53 - 2020.10.12

The coding is improved. Added function allow to choose which forms(Domain Checker and Whois Lookup and Checkout) have a captcha enabled.

v5.52 - 2020.10.08

The coding is updated.

v5.51 - 2020.08.31

The coding is updated for PHP 7.3+

v5.50 - 2020.07.13

Full Ajax support is added for the domain checker, the whois search and the shopping cart.

v5.49 - 2020.06.30

Some design bugs are fixed and improved.

v5.48 - 2020.06.25

The coding is updated.

v5.47 - 2020.06.15

Credit Card Payment plugin are changed and improved. You can able to integrate any of your own payment system now.

v5.46 - 2020.06.13

The functionality bugs on the domain search and the order form validation are fixed.

v5.45 - 2020.05.29

Paytm payment gateway is added.

v5.44 - 2020.05.18

The coding is improved and Clickatell module is updated.

v5.43 - 2020.04.23

SEPA Direct Debit payment section is added for Manual payment option.

v5.42 - 2020.04.19

Fixed the error on IDN support of .de Domains. Order form is improved for EU regulations.

v5.41 - 2020.03.14

The whois lookup function is improved.

v5.40 - 2019.11.01

The features of ability to add textarea input and credit card form that automatically detects credit card brand when typing numbers are added.

v5.39 - 2019.27.10

Fixed a bug about with PHP 7 compatibility.

v5.38 - 2019.26.10

The coding is improved and the whois servers are updated.

v5.37 - 2019.09.01

Google's reCAPTCHA v2 upgraded to v3 by the coding is improved.

v5.36 - 2019.08.12

The coding is improved.

v5.35 - 2019.07.06

The template is improved.

v5.34 - 2019.05.12

PHPMailer is updated from 5.2.4 to 6.0.7

v5.33 - 2019.04.24

Paypal payment gateway integration code updated. The template is improved.

v5.32 - 2019.03.17

Webmoney payment gateway is added.

v5.31 - 2019.02.21

The coding is improved for PHP 7+.

v5.30 - 2019.02.05

Some bugs are fixed.

v5.29 - 2018.12.12

The coding is improved.

v5.28 - 2018.12.06

The coding is improved.

v5.27 - 2018.11.25

The coding is improved and the whois servers are updated. Google's reCAPTCHA module(optional) is added.

v5.26 - 2018.10.07

The coding is improved and the function that allow to set minimum order amount is added.

v5.25 - 2018.06.12

The auto currency converter module is improved and the whois servers are updated.

v5.24 - 2018.06.01

The auto currency converter module is changed.

v5.23 - 2018.05.21

We added cookie consent popup plugin to the template and added a newsletter confirmation input to the form for GDPR compliant.

v5.22 - 2018.05.01

The coding is updated.

v5.21 - 2018.04.25

The template is updated. The cookie consent bar is added.

v5.20 - 2018.03.27

Fixed a bug on coding of the coupon system.

v5.19 - 2018.03.23

Auto currency converter bug is fixed and Payza code is updated.

v5.18 - 2017.12.25

The template and functionality is improved.

v5.17 - 2017.12.15

The template and functionality is improved and new whois servers are added.

v5.16 - 2017.09.16

The coding of auto currency converter updated and its bug fixed.

v5.15 - 2017.09.12

PayU Latam payment gateway added.

v5.14 - 2017.08.28

IDN(Internationalized Domain Name) support is added. The style is little improved. And security of whois search is improved.

v5.13 - 2017.06.05

Old Javascript codes are removed. New jQuery/CSS codes added for form validation. Some PHP codes improved.

v5.12 - 2017.02.05

The template system is changed and some bugs fixed.

v5.11 - 2016.10.16

The coding and design is improved.

v5.10 - 2016.07.27

The coding is improved and free ready made responsive one page web hosting template is added to domainCart.

v5.04 - 2016.07.19

Payeer, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney payment gateways are added. A bug on the template is fixed.

v5.03 - 2016.04.18

Payment gateways are updated.

v5.02 - 2016.04.10

The coding and the style are improved.

v5.01 - 2015.10.25

Stripe payment gateway support added. Banning email function is fixed.

v5 - 2015.09.13

domainCart is released with new design and coding. Formerly name was DHCart.

v4.52 - 2015.08.14

Coding and style improved. New whois servers added.

v4.51 - 2015.04.24

Coding improved. CCAvenue and PayFast payment gateways added.

v4.50 - 2015.01.10

Whois and multi payment gateway modules are improved. Sending HTML based email is added.

v4.49 - 2014.12.09

Advanced multiple coupon system added and coding improved. 50+ new whois servers added.

v4.48 - 2014.12.04

IDN removed because of caused some problems.

v4.47 - 2014.10.24

IDN support added.

v4.46 - 2014.09.05

Function sending SMS text alert to seller and buyer when an order received is added. Requires account to use this function.

v4.45 - 2014.08.22

Coding improved.

v4.44 - 2014.08.17

Coding improved.

v4.43 - 2014.08.14

Coding and style improved. Now, buyers can able to add additional products(SSL, Dedicated IP.. etc) to their cart for same domain. And the new style is mobile and tablet pc friendly.

v4.42 - 2014.08.09

Coding improved and functional bugs fixed. Now, domainCart can able to convert product prices and total amounts as payment gateway currencies and can be show them on order statement emails.

v4.41 - 2014.07.28

- The currency conversion and simple coupon systems improved.

v4.40 - 2014.04.24

- Domain search function improved.

v4.39 - 2014.04.22

- Style improved. Custom module added for checking .es domains.

v4.38 - 2013.11.12

- Auto currency conversion function updated.

v4.37 - 2013.11.07

- A bug fixed and coding improved.

v4.36 - 2013.10.01

- A bug(no functional) fixed.

v4.35 - 2013.09.27

- The bugs fixed on some functions. Added a function to provide discount for domains when buyers add hosting to their cart.

v4.34 - 2013.07.15

- Special whois modules added for .nl .ba .au domains. .sx domains added to whois servers.

v4.33 - 2013.06.27

- Fixed the error on Payza payment gateway. Coding of all payment gateways updated.

v4.32 - 2013.06.23

- Coding improved. Custom module added for checking .de domains.

v4.31 - 2013.06.19

- Whois Lookup module added.

v4.30 - 2013.06.02

- Auto currency conversion support added. New whois servers added.

v4.26 - 2013.04.10

- Whois servers updated.

v4.25 - 2012.12.09

- OneCard payment gateway added.

v4.24 - 2012.12.09

- Liberty Reserve, Cashu, DIXIPAY payment gateways added.

v4.23 - 2012.12.09

- New whois servers added and current whois servers updated.

v4.22 - 2012.07.30

- OKPAY payment gateway added.

v4.21 - 2012.07.29

- and Payza payment gateways added. Fixed an issue on CDGCommerce integration codes.